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Sport Arbitrage Ltd was incorporated on 31 August 2016, company registration number 10352162, registration address 205 Kings Road, Birmingham, United Kingdom. Company was created to legally open an investment platform www.sportarb.com for individual investors.

Company manages investment pool where it collects investments, performs sports arbitrage trading and shares up to 90% of its daily capital gains with its clients. Sport Arbitrage Ltd does not carry out any other kind of trading, does not reinvest or hold money in other investment pools. Team of traders consists of two senior traders, who joined hands back in 2013 and now work to ensure stable growth of capital which includes our investors funds. The company hired 3 additional traders to help its leaders in the long run.

The platform opened an online portal at the beginning of 2017 after over 3 years of successful trading offline, and now we have started our next stage of expansion which is aimed to create a the long-term investment pool.

Todays sports betting is very dynamic, we cannot just depend on trading. This is the reason why we pride ourselves on being a team with longtime experience as affiliates, promoters and, last but certainly not least, clients of virtually every better known online betting company that is present on the market.

Our current weekly turnover is around 170,000 USD and out of it we are making around 9-10% net profit. It’s really incredible how much we could make with a bigger bankroll. Our expenditure amounts to just 5500 dollars per week including professional tools, agents, bills and other expenses. We have built a team of professionals who undoubtedly form the core of the company, allowing us to offer a highly professional approach by using an unmatched skill base.

We utilize personal and strategic relationships to achieve the best paying arbitrage situations. We are backed by the knowledge and network of a professional team of experts, actively managing, reviewing and implementing successful systems that are tried, tested and proven as effective. We raise funds and invest in a diverse range of strategies, which consistently beat the expectations.