17TH MAR 2017

Dear investors,

It's Friday again and I am taking my time to write a message to you, my business partners across the globe and, as usual, I am very happy to think about everything that happened in the past week and share a summary with you.

I will start with what we have already accomplished this week, share our plans for the short future and also share some of my business vision with all of you. As you may have noticed, we have several new languages live in our page and so far the feedback has been very positive. We have seen a big increase in traffic and investments coming from the countries that speak the languages we included, which proves we are going the right path when it comes to our global expansion plan.

We have also signed several agreements with very powerful promoters in Asia, Europe and in the USA. These agreements brought more than half a million dollars worth of investment in a matter of days but we nowhere near our limits. Our capacity when it comes to management, operations and trading are endless and we are prepared to run a venture with more than 500,000 investors without any issues. As of today, SportArb has 23.500 registered members so we are not even at 10% of our capacity and let's not forget that our capacity can be increased. What does it mean to you? It means SportArb is here for the very long term and we will not accept to be small. My goal is to make this project huge and nothing will hold me from getting there.

It amazes me to see that we do not even have to look for this kind of partnership, people want to work us and I'm doing my best to make sure every partner has all the tools and information needed to promote SportArb in the best way they can. I understand that most of you are here to enjoy passive income but if you're interested in running a marketing venture even if you've never done anything similar before, please let me know and my team will support you. We were newbies at all this once, and I'm willing to teach you guys some of what we learned in the past 12 years.

Based on your input, SportArb will launch its own Android and iOS app within the next two weeks. We received over 50 requests for this so our engineers are already working on it and you will have full access to all of our tools and functionalities in your smartphones. I'd also like to thank the ones who requested this, and please keep this kind of feature request coming. We will have more exciting new features for all of you soon.

We have been collecting feedback about this industry and here is a very bold and hard to swallow truth: diversification does not work. SportArb has been online for less than 2 months, and Iíve seen several giant online Ponzi schemes going down the drain, and the only winners were the ones running it. Be mindful of where you put your money and look for places where you can actually see human beings writing and working for you. I understand that it is exciting to see your money grow but if you don't know what's happening with it or when you will stop seeing it, is it really worth it?

I am being very transparent and honest about my vision for this program and the reason behind this is very simple: I am a human being following my dream of building this enormous online empire that will take a lot of people, myself included, to their financial freedom.

I am sure all of you have dreams and wishes you had to leave behind because you couldn't afford them at a moment in your life and I want you to simply think about. SportArb is my dream coming true and I urge you to take advantage of it to make your dream a reality.

Most of you only hear from me in this newsletter and I hope you are getting what I am trying to say. I hope you're aware of the opportunity you have in front of you and if you're still not, please let me know how I can make that happen.

Thank you for being a part of SportArb, we are doing the impossible and will not settle for less than perfection.

Have a blessed weekend,

10TH MAR 2017

Dear investors,

It is with great joy that I write to all of you again to celebrate what is currently happening with SportArb. We currently have 17,000 registered members and it thrills me to see activity from so many different countries.

I'm also happy to announce that our website is now available in English, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Germand and French. Different languages and this is just the beginning of our international expansion plan. We will be adding more languages soon and also offering different support channels in different languages to make sure you always get the best user experience possible from SportArb.

Since we're talking about operations, I would also to comment about our amazing support team. Our team of over 15 agents has been responding to over 900 live chats and 150 phone calls every day in 8 different languages. A lot of companies ignore the power of good customer service but we don't, we take your user experience seriously and have a Customer Satisfaction score of 97%, way above the industry average.

We've seen requests from members mentioning that other online investment pools have closed down in the past few days but I would like to reinforce that this is NOT happening with SportArb. We are not a ponzi-based scheme and we have real investments that back up our business model. You do not need to be afraid and I can tell you I have been working day and night to make sure this project is successful.

This is a project of a lifetime for me and I want it to be the same for those who trust me. I will not let you down and none of you will regret joining us. In one year from now, many of you will look back and assess this decision of joining us with joy and wealth. At the end of the day, we are all here to make money but that doesn't mean we can't have this feeling of accomplishment and success. I understand it is hard to trust someone online these days, but we have data and information to backup my words.

We are releasing our representatives' page today and you can now find the contact information from representatives in your country and get in touch with local communities to discuss SportArb. Together with our representatives, we are running massive promotions throughout the world to spread the word about our investment pool. I would like to give a special shout out representatives who have been working hard to promote our venture and have brought amazing results so far. One of our main goals is to be international and I could not achieve this by myself.

Our representatives also getting access to our trading reports and they can now attest that SportArb is a real business based on actual investments. Please feel free to reach out to your local representative if you want them to attest what they have seen. We will also work on providing this kind of information to all of you shortly, I truly believe in transparency and we want everyone to know we are real. Being real is what makes us amazing and that is what we want people to hear.

Of course we believe in branding but it is true that SportArb could change its colors, logo, plans, anything. What truly matters in this industry is very simple: we are real.

Thank you for the continued support and for joining me in this venture.

See you very soon,

3RD MAR 2017

Dear investors,

It's Friday again and as usual, I am happy to sit down and write a message for all of our partners across the planet. This past week was intense, and I am thrilled to say SportArb has over 13,000 registered members from more than 140 countries.

My dream with this project was to provide a global opportunity for investors from anywhere in the world and this is becoming real. I do not want to sound like a woolgatherer here, but it amazes me to see the support and feedback we are getting from all of you. We are only one month old and SportArb is already changing lives. I wonder how this project will look like when we celebrate our first year online and how thrilled we will be to change thousands of lives.

SportArb is a once in a lifetime project for me and we have no plans to start a new business anytime soon. I understand that many of you are forced to diversify your investments due to the extreme volatility of online investments, but I repeat: we are nothing like that. There are dozens of online "investment" websites closing down every day and we invite you to keep SportArb as your number one choice for online investments. Why? Because we are real.

One thing I would also like to mention is that we've noticed that SportArb has jumped up in many HYIP ratings websites, and we came to the conclusion that this is because it is so hard to find a reliable business in this industry, that it didn't take much effort for us to climb into the top rated HYIPs ratings websites out there. We are nothing like what you have seen so far, and our standards are much higher in terms of financial health, website security, legal compliance and customer satisfaction.

SportArb is different than others because we share different goals, have a very well streamlined mindset and we stand for our business principles. Our business model is based on the longevity of our program and we have designed plans for the next couple of years for it, we are experts and master what we provide.

The load of administrative tasks involved in this project is tremendous and we have been working day and night to give you the best experience possible. Our team is made of strong individuals with an amazing teamwork capacity and everything we do has you, our partner and final client, as the main reason-why.

Since we are talking about our team, allow me to mention our short-term plans, this is what is going on:

  1. Phone support is now available every day from 8 AM to 6 PM GMT. Feel free to give us a call at +441212888803
  2. Our email response time is in the order of minutes. Feel free to email as at and expect a very fast response.
  3. We already have 3 promo videos available inside members area and there are more coming soon.
  4. Our translation project is almost complete and SportArb will soon be available in more than 10 languages.
  5. Ethereum and a few other funding options will be available in a few days.
  6. Several representatives starting offline campaigns.
  7. Page with contact information from representatives coming in the next 4 days.

If you have ideas of what you would like to see at SportArb, please let us know, we are always looking for ideas of improvement.

Once again, thank you for being with us in this journey and always remember: we are here to change lives and do not forget our motto: see the invisible, do the impossible. We are already doing the impossible and we will not settle for anything less than success.

I wish you all an amazing weekend,

24TH FEB 2017

Dear investor,

I am happy to write to all of you once again to celebrate what is going on with SportArb. As you know, this was our third week online; we have just crossed the 10,000 registered investors mark. I am simply amazed by our growth levels.

A big part of this growth is thank to our affiliates and representatives that have been working hard to promote SportArb. By the way, we still have spots available in our representatives program so if you are interested, do not hesitate to fill out your application and I will personally check it.

In addition, we are starting offline promotion activities together with some representatives. In a few days, we will publish a list of our representatives and their contact information in our site, so you can all be invited to these events. Most of them will be meetings and presentations about SportArb for prospective investors, but you are all welcome to join and also share your experience with us.

Our PTP system has also been a success and our traffic levels do not stop increasing, you can see it for yourself in our Alexa ranking Please keep sending traffic our way, and our server is more than prepared to take in huge amounts of traffic, we have done extensive tests and planned ahead to make sure it will never go down. We did not have any downtime until now and it will continue like this.

Since we’re talking about marketing, I would like to mention that we are now publishing a series of promotional videos to help you spread the word about SportArb and we have already published 3 videos inside our members area. They were all professionally built and you are welcome to share them via social media, email, WhatsApp, Telegram, Line or any means you judge relevant.

To update you about our projects, we have just completed our translations into over 10 languages, and they are now being implemented in our website, so you should start seeing them soon. If you would like to see our website in any other language that is not currently listed, please let us know and we will do our best to In terms of business, our results have been again very positive this week. The competition between bookmakers has been increased drastically in the past couple of months, and that generates raises in odds very often, making our job so much easier, especially during live games, where we can catch a lot of opportunities. include it.

Another window of opportunity for us is when bookmakers get way too competitive like what happened a couple of days ago with Sun Bets and we manage to take huge advantage of such competition since they create very different odds between different bookmakers, giving us a very high profit rate in these bets.

As usual, we are always here to discuss new ideas and areas of improvement for our website, and our marketing and support team will be happy to discuss these ideas with you.

This journey is long and we have been working really hard to make SportArb happen. I understand many of you still feel skeptical due to harmful previous experiences with online investments but I am right when I tell you we are nothing like you have ever seen before. This is a once in a lifetime project for me and I am building this company with my own blood and sweat and will not let any external factor interfere.

I hope you will have an amazing weekend with your loved ones!

Kind regards,
Ronald Wald

16TH FEB 2017

Dear partners,

It is with great pleasure that we write you today to comment about our second week of online success. SportArb just crossed the 7400 members mark and our family keeps growing at exciting rates!

I would like to start this by talking about our representatives. We have been exchanging emails with our representatives and it amazes to see how important this international strategy has been to our program. We now have 75 representatives from many different countries and we are now creating a new public pages where all of you will be able to contact them and check out what they have been creating for us abroad. We have seen dedicated websites, Facebook groups, blogs, forums, WhatsApp and Telegram groups and many other great ideas. This is exactly what we were aiming for, and it is just the beginning.

I would also like to reinforce that we want to hear your thoughts about new feature you would like to see on SportArb. We are constantly looking at this feedback to look for new ideas. To give you an example, we have just implemented Payza and Litecoin as new funding methods, since we received a big number of requests for these functions.

Another exciting update from this week is that we are now getting a lot new traffic from our recently implemented PTP system. For those who missed our last newsletter; in a nutshell, you can now be paid for sending traffic to our website. We allow traffic from both private and public domains and for every new visitor you send us, your account will be credited with points. These points can be invested and/or redeemed for real cash. For more information, please check the affiliate section inside your members area and if you have any questions, our multilingual customer success team will be more than happy to help you.

Also on that note, our website is being localized into the following languages: Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Russian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Slovak, Filipino and Simplified Chinese. We are working with a team of very skilled expert translators and expect these new languages to go live on our website in the upcoming weeks. We gathered data about the origin of our visitors and made the decision to translate our page into these languages based on this information. We will continue to monitor this data to constantly improve our website.

Our marketing team is also working on great new banner designs to help you promote SportArb even more. As usual, we only work with experts and I am sure you will be as impressed as I am with what's coming up next. Our support team is also growing and we introduced Request a Call Back feature, which is now available inside members area. Basically, if you have any questions or concerns, you will be able to request a call from one of us and we will call you at your preferred time to clear all your questions. For now, this feature will be available for members only.

To end this newsletter, I would like to thank everyone involved in this project. This is my biggest and most ambitious venture ever, and it is just amazing to have the feeling of trust you all pass to me. If you have an interesting story about how SportArb is improving your life, please let us know and I will be happy to share this story with our team.

SportArb is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you and for us, and as usual, please reach out if you would like to talk to us. It is just amazing to have you on board with us.

Kind regards,
Ronald Wald

7TH FEB 2017

Dear partners,

SportArb has been online for one week now and we are very excited to announce that we have over 3700 registered members.

Our trading results for the past week have been very high and we shared over 1.5% of profit with all of you on most days. Our trading team is very excited about the new possibilities that SportArb is opening up for our trading techniques and will continue to work very hard to keep our profit levels high and, of course, safe.

Also, We have a new support team being onboarded next week and we will start supporting all of you in eight different languages: English, Japanese, Vietnamese, French, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish and Mandarin. This is part of our internationalization project and we want to provide the best user experience possible for users from any country in the world. We will have more exciting news about this project soon.

I would also like to take a moment to thank all our representatives. SportArb has 45 official ambassadors across the globe who will help to onboard new users and I am very grateful for all their hard work to help is advertise SportArb. For those interested in becoming a representative, we still have spots open so please check our website and complete the application. Later this week, we will publish a new pages in our website with the contact information of all our representatives so new and existing users can be in touch with their local communities.

I would also like to announce that we are launching our points system today, to help you earning more and to help us promote SportArb. Basically, there are two ways to earn points with us. The first one is by promoting SportArb and sending traffic to your promotional links, where you will get points based on the number of visitors you send and their source. The second way is to invest in our plans with points and by doing so, you are investing with a virtual currency to test our investment system and you have the same functionalities as a real investment. All the points you earn, through traffic or through investment, can be sold for real money and you can check more information about the exchange rates inside your members area, under the Affiliates menu.

We have also been reviewed by several investment bloggers and listed in several forums and monitors and I would personally suggest you read these reviews about SportArb, in most cases, they were written by financial specialists and it's safe to say that all the reviews have one common point: SportArb is the big hit of 2017. It makes me genuinely happy to see that all our hard work to bring this project to life is now paying off.

Thank you for being with us in this journey, SportArb is here to be the best online investment pool you've seen and we will do the impossible to achieve this.

I wish you all an amazing week,
Ronald Wald

29TH JAN 2017

Dear investor,

After six months of hard work and a lot of technical and mental preparation, SportArb would like to welcome you to the opening of our site to the general public. As it is outlined on our main website, we have been operating since 2013 in the sports arbitrage world and in 2016, we decided to start collecting investments from individuals as a part of our expansion project in the beginning of 2017.

We have a long road ahead of us and we invite you to join us in this journey. There will be many lessons learned along the way, but we are 100% confident that our business expertise, together with our advisory board and a solid business plan will turn 2017 into a great year for all of us. contains all the necessary information about our business plan and we invite you to take a tour around it and please reach out to our support department may you have any questions.


Kind regards,
Andres Martin & Ronald Wald