Investment Portfolio

As we explained in our home page, our main source of income comes from sports arbitrage trading, we achieve an average net profit of 9-10% per week with a turnover of around 170,000 USD.

Your share from our net profit and duration of your investment relies on volume of your active investment portfolio at SportArb.

Minimum participation is 25 USD which guarantees you 60% share while we offer maximum share of 90% for investors having active investment portfolio of 25,000 USD or above. An investment will last for the period mentioned in table below according to the level of investment being placed at the time.

    • Beginner

    • 25 to 499 USD

      • 60% of our daily profit
      • expires at 30 calendar days
    • Invest
    • Starter

    • 500 to 999 USD

      • 65% of our daily profit
      • expires at 45 calendar days
    • Invest
    • Basic

    • 1,000 to 2,499 USD

      • 70% of our daily profit
      • expires at 60 calendar days
    • Invest
    • Advanced

    • 2,500 to 4,999 USD

      • 75% of our daily profit
      • expires at 75 calendar days
    • Invest
    • Expert

    • 5,000 to 24,999 USD

      • 80% of our daily profit
      • expires at 90 calendar days
    • Invest
    • Partner

    • 25,000 to 100,000 USD

      • 90% of our daily profit
      • expires at 120 calendar days
    • Invest

For example, if you have active investment of 1000 USD, you qualify to Basic plan and your share of our earnings is set to 70%. If we will generate profit of 2% that day, you will get 1.4% to your balance.

Below are several important points that you should know before investing:

  • Principal returned at the end of the investment term
  • Payments through multiple payment systems: Bitcoin, PerfectMoney, AdvCash, OKPay, Payeer and NixMoney
  • Withdrawals processed twice a day from Monday to Friday at around 11 AM and 4 PM GMT
  • Realistic returns that helps both sides, us and you to benefit from trading
  • Automatic deposits
  • No fees on deposits and withdrawals
  • Withdraw to any payment system of your choice, we do charge extra if you would withdraw to different payment system than you invested from
  • Active investments may be canceled for whatever reason and our investors can draw off their invested principal amount but with a penalty of 25%.

Compounding also plays a vital role in your total net profit. For example, if you make an investment of 1,000 USD with 0% compounding and calculate ROI using average 1.5% (your share would be 70% out of it), You will receive 10.5 USD per day for period of 60 days, giving you a total return of 1,630 USD, in which 630 USD is pure profit on your principal amount of 1,000 USD; However, if the same example investment is placed with compounding rate of 50%, you will be able to withdraw 5.25 USD per day, while rest of daily ROI amount is added to your running investment capital so your profit increases day by day and guarantees you total return of over 1,738 USD within the same period.

Our investors have freedom to adjust compounding value (or disable it) as they deem necessary at any time on the fly.

SportArb gives all registrants balance of 1,000 PTS (SportArb Points) to experiment with different compounding values and devise a strategy for their real investments.

The calculator here will help you understand how your daily profit is calculated and how your money will grow over time.


SportArb currently generates between 15,000 -17,000 USD on a weekly basis and we are an online-based fully focused firm, concentrating on sports arbitrage trading. We have been increasing our turnover and building joint relationships with other professional trading teams for over three years now and we are considered experts in this field.

With management expenses close to 5,500 USD per week, our generated net profit adds to around 9-10% per week. Sports Arbitrage investments can be set at a higher margin if a bigger bankroll was available, which is the main reason SportArb was brought to public.


Active investments may be canceled for whatever reason and our investors can draw off their invested principal amount but with penalty of 25%. Users are subject to keep any ROI that may have already been paid to them. The process of cancelation is fully automated, but users are required to confirm this irreversible action by entering their account password in cancelation form.

With no risk to you, since there is absolutely 0% risk in sports arbitrage trading, SportArb is presented to you as a risk free investment opportunity that does not require any actual investment knowledge or experience in this field.